We design brands with purpose and vision. Our branding services include:

Brand Strategy

A strong brand starts with a thoughtful strategy. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business goals and your audience. Through workshops, audits, and research, we shape insights into a compelling brand story and experience that differentiates you from competitors.

Our strategic branding services include:

  • Brand audits and positioning: We take a deep dive into your existing brand to determine what’s working, what’s not, and uncover opportunities for improvement.
  • Brand vision and messaging: We define your brand vision, mission, values, personality and messaging to establish a strong foundation for your brand.
  • Customer insights: We conduct customer research through surveys, interviews, focus groups and data analysis to gain actionable insights to influence your brand strategy.
  • Competitive analyses: We thoroughly assess your competitors’ brands and identify white space opportunities to stand out in your market.
  • Naming and identity development: Need a new name or brand identity? We lead you through a collaborative process to develop options that align with your brand strategy.

A strong brand strategy leads to a powerful and cohesive brand experience that emotionally connects with your customers. Let’s have a conversation about how brand strategy can help strengthen your connection to your audiences.

Visual Identity Design

Your visual identity is the face of your brand. We design logos, color palettes, typography and more to create a cohesive look and feel that represents your brand’s vision. 

Our visual identity design services include:

  • Logo design: We design logos that are memorable, versatile and meaningful. We explore many concepts and variations to give you options to choose from. 

  • Stylescapes: We create visual stylescapes bringing together color, texture, typography and layout to reflect the desired style and themes of your brand. They serve as a visual guide for how to express your brand visually across mediums.

  • Graphic standards manuals: We document visual brand guidelines in a user-friendly manual so your internal teams have a resource to apply your visual identity consistently. Manuals outline specifications of your logo, color palette, fonts, layout grids, photography styles and more.

  • Design systems: For digital brands or products, we create design systems that standardize user interface elements like buttons, inputs, icons, spacing and more. Design systems efficiently scale your visual identity across all digital touchpoints. 

  • Adaptations: We adapt your visual identity to work cohesively across all brand expressions, including:

    • Print collateral: Business cards, letterhead, envelopes
    • Packaging: Labels, bags, product packaging
    • Editorial: Brochures, annual reports, newsletters
    • Environmental: Signage, trade show booths, office interiors 
    • Digital: Website, mobile apps, social media profiles, Google ads

Consistency is key to a successful visual identity. We ensure all expressions of your brand have a cohesive look that builds familiarity and recognition with your audiences over time. A thoughtfully designed visual identity makes a powerful first and lasting impression.